Our History
Tiffney’s Steakhouse is a product of fine Anglo Irish American history. The restaurant takes its name from the owners’ great grandparents along with the inspiration of their immediate family’s American roots. The Irish have a flair for warm hospitality and the Americans are well known for their meat. This combination makes Tiffney’s is the best place in Scotland to come to for a steak and Glasgow finally has a steakhouse to call its own.

The Steakhouse
With our trademark combination of the best Scotch prime dry-aged steak and a classic cocktail list, Tiffney’s serves up an authentic Glasgow dining experience.We always start by hand selecting the finest Scotch prime beef from the North East and Speyside, which is then aged to tender perfection for 70+ days in our very own humidity-controlled meat locker. Here, they are kept under carefully regulated conditions that are controlled for temperature, humidity and air circulation. Once properly aged, the short loins are butchered, trimmed and brought to the kitchen for grilling.The uncomplicated menu holds few surprises and is carefully prepared by our team headed up by Alex Webster. Alex has created a mouth-watering array of starters and desserts to compliment your dining experience.Our restaurant is housed in a former old car show room and nestled in amongst the quaint tenement buildings on Otago Street. Indeed it is the buildings which give the restaurant its romance and intimate atmosphere.A fine selection of wines as well as spirits is also available.A range of gift vouchers can be purchased here online, from £20 in value